Eco-Flower Fantasy London

As a follow up to yesterdays post on Fantasy London Google Earth – Court Fields Community School we have modelled the first runner up – the Eco Flower.

Designed by Tildy and Hannah the building is designed as a ‘huge glass solar powered, flower shaped building for homeless people’.

The other two runner ups will be modelled shortly and a over all winner announced. All the buildings will also be ported into Google Earth.

You can view a high res version of the render here

Author Bio

Andy is Director of the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London and Professor of Digital Urban Systems.


  1. Dunzo - March 23, 2006

    This is a nice idea guys!

  2. Anonymous - March 24, 2006

    Very well done both of you hope you win

  3. Anonymous - April 30, 2006

    brilliant work really well done hope you win. even if you don’t i still think it’s the best.

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