Modelling Cities – Update

By November 27, 2006 No Comments

Our model of London extends out to the M25, covering approximately 2000km. Created from LiDAR and Ordnance Survey Mastermap outlines it provides a basic concept of the cities urban morphology. To gain a sense of location and place however you need the local streetscape, from the correct location of the lamppost’s and signage to the development of detailed building facades.

Movie Stage 1 Output

Movie Stage 2 Output

The two movies above illustrate work to date with the project mid-way to completion on modelling the streetscape of Newham in London. The second movie includes air photography on both the ground and the buildings, enhancing the level of realism. The next step is the trees, lamppost’s, signage and the remaining buildings and then finally porting the model into the Oblivion Engine.

Further updates will follow, we should then have a blueprint on how to rapidly model the local streetscape with the aim of rapid architectural visualisation.


Andy is Professor of Digital Urban Systems at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London.