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Cities in Games – Utrecht’s ‘Blob’ Downloadable Game

By July 11, 2007 One Comment

Continuing our series of Cities in Games we take a look at one of the most innovative uses of city models for drawing users into examining issues of Master Planning and City Development in a while.

The ‘Blob’ is a downloadlable game integrated into the website of the City of Utrecht detailing planned changes to the station area. The game itself involves a ‘Blob’ rolling around the city painting the buildings of Utrecht and avoiding capture by the authorities.

Our movie below provides an insight into the game:

While not directly linked to the planned changes in the area the game is simply a joy to play and provides an excellent use of a real city layout. If your creating a 3D model of an area than converting it into a game such a ‘Blob’ is something to be encouraged.

You can download the game direct from the Station Area of Utecht site.

Thanks go to Michael of for sending us the link.


Andy is Professor of Digital Urban Systems at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London.

One Comment