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MapJack, Google Street View and EveryScape Video Comparisons

By August 8, 2007 8 Comments

Google’s Street View currently leads the field in 360×180 degree street level imaging. A few months ago we put up a post and movie about EveryScape another company covering San Francisco with beta imagery and now we have MapJack as the latest kid on the block.

The concepts between all three are basically the same: to provide blanket street level coverage of a city linked to a map – allowing users to visualise their route step by step. Map Jack’s approach is to simplify the process back to set photographic views rather than interactive panoramas ala EveryScape and Google’s Street View.

By embedding three movies its possible to gain a basic level of comparison between the three systems, Google Street View, EveryScape and MapJack:

Google Street View



We like MapJack for its simplicity and sharp infocus photography. EveryScape has the unique ‘morph’ feature as you link between scenes and Google Street View is simply highly polished with coverage now extending to San Diego, Los Angeles, Houston and Orlando.

San Francisco is becoming the stomping ground for new geo-related start up companies and this can only be seen as a good thing. We like MapJack as its simple and easy to follow a route but Google’s Street view is still the one to be beaten.

View MapJack

View Everyscape

View Google’s Street View


Andy is Professor of Digital Urban Systems at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London.