Building Energy Analysis Tool for Sketchup

By October 18, 2007 One Comment

Green Energy and a buildings carbon footprint is currently a hot topic with developers tapping into the market of customers wanting to live in an energy efficient home. Indeed, energy certification is now required by law in the UK under the European Performance of Buildings Directive.

With this in mind Greenspace Research are currently beta testing a building energy analysis plugin known as ‘Demeter’ for SketchUp.

The YouTube movie below provides an insight:

The plugin is without question a good idea providing a quick and easy way to view various datasets and graphs relating to a buildings energy credentials.

The system is based around the Green Building XML schema, referred to as “gbXML”, developed to facilitate the transfer of building information stored in CAD building information models.

A release is scheduled in the next couple of weeks, we’ll let you know when its available for download.

For more info take a look at the Greenspace Research home page.


Andy is Professor of Digital Urban Systems at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London.

One Comment