Digital Urban 1000 Posts

We have just hit the grand old age of 1000 posts. Digital Urban has been running for just under 3 years now and as you may of noticed the format and rate of posting has changed from time to time.

At the moment we are introducing new tutorials and widening the remit a little into areas such as video manipulation, data visualisation, simulation and other topics concerned with the digital city.

This is probably our first self congratulatory post but hey after a good 200,000 words we hope our posts have helped, inspired or just simply proved a good read from time to time…

Author Bio

Andy is Professor of Digital Urban Systems at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London.


  1. Tomasz - November 30, 2008

    congratulations! hope to see more&more quality blogging from CASA!

  2. Athlon - November 30, 2008

    great work!
    greetings from Sarajevo

  3. jerome - November 30, 2008

    congratulations! it’s indeed realy nice to read you

  4. martin - December 2, 2008

    “omedetō” from tokyo, your stories are always a good start into the day 🙂

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