EveryScape Beta: Panoramic 3D Cities via HyperMedia

Author Bio

Andy is Professor of Digital Urban Systems at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London.


  1. Rollo - November 6, 2008

    This has a nice interface, but how is it different to all the other geo-referenced 360 image libraries out there (MapJack for example – not to mention the MS StreetView or the Flickr bike route application).

  2. Rollo - November 6, 2008

    Street View is Google isn’t it?!…opps!

  3. TriforceofEternity - November 21, 2008


    Everyscape is actuall over a year old. :O No news here. X: (Axe on Triforce)

  4. TriforceofEternity - November 21, 2008

    By the way Rollo your right.

    Google did Street view first and will be be best. but they are not updating it much for the USA despite lots of coverage needing work. Example most of Northern Caliornia and the PNW.

    (They claim they will do the whole world but I don’t believe it)

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