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Manhattan X: New York Model for Flight Simulator X

By April 15, 2009 No Comments

Aerosoft.com have released their scenery package of New York for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Designed with helicopters in mind, the scenery can also be explored with small aircrafts or ships.

The movie below provides an insight into the models detail:


  • Covers the entire Manhattan Island (East Side, West Side, Uptown and Downtown) plus Ellis Island, Governors Island, Roosevelt Island, Statue Island.
  • Four heliports
  • Very high density scenery with hundreds of detailed buildings
  • Full FSX features using bump maps, advanced shading and reflections
  • Scheduled ship traffic (Staten Island Ferries)
  • Many special effects included (like sounds, smoke, birds)
  • Mission that lets you take a $199 helicopter tour of Manhattan
  • Professionally designed charts with all helicopter routes

To find out more take a look at Manhattan X over at Aerosoft.


Andy is Professor of Digital Urban Systems at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London.