How the 3D Engine is Changing the World: The Guardian

Keith Stuart has a good article in today’s Guardian Newspaper entitled ‘How the 3D Engine is Changing the World’. Keith notes that John D Carmack, the programming legend behind the Doom and Quake games runs an aerospace company as a relaxing diversion from his role as technical director at games developer, id. Which goes to show that 3D engine design isn’t rocket science – it’s far more complicated than that.

You can read the full article online, including our thoughts on Google SketchUp….

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Andy is Professor of Digital Urban Systems at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London.

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  1. Mark - December 14, 2009

    Perhaps a good converstation, but it’s little bit short of a good “article”. Some of the references were a bit benign. “one of the staff at….”

    The ideas put forth are good, but it’s sad to see what passes for adequate journalism in the blogosphere.

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