Camera Mapping and Projection: New York and Tutorials

Camera Mapping, also known as camera projection, is a quick and easy technique to apply a quick ‘3d’ look to a scene with the camera moving while minimising the amount of actual modelling. The clip below by Andrew Price of detailing a quick flight path of New York city illustrates the point:

Camera Mapped New York City from Andrew Price on Vimeo.

The technique is normally used for a quick camera move where the camera stays relative or near to the nodal point of the original image, as the camera strays off center the illusion is often lost. The second movie below by Joel Wagner provides a good insight into the technique, note the last example moves slightly too far away from the original image:

Camera Mapping from Joel Wagner on Vimeo.

Finally have a tutorial on Camera Mapping which looks at a more precise example:

camera map from VALETTE Thierry on Vimeo.

When we have used the technique in the past we found it useful to look at the great tutorial over at CGarchitect on animated camera mapping, its quick and easy to do.

If this post inspires you to create a clip, do let us know…

Author Bio

Andy is Professor of Digital Urban Systems at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London.


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  2. Anonymous - February 11, 2010

    flying over new york is so damn awesome !

  3. FelipeFX - February 11, 2010


  4. Anonymous - February 12, 2010

    can you make another tutorial? to understand pretty well because this one i cant get it. im new at 3ds max. please and thank you.

  5. Daniel Grid - February 16, 2010

    what is the name of the music in the first video?

  6. Anonymous - February 16, 2010

    Andrew Kramer is a G.

  7. Anonymous - April 17, 2010

    I didn’t get the part where he worked with cam. points. He misteriously did something with cam. points and replaced them.
    Please repeat the tutorial and be discriptive as possible. Thanks

  8. Anonymous - June 8, 2010

    Good work, but I was distracted by the explicit lyrics in the Jay-Z song. I would have used the clean version just to avoid offending anyone. Call me a prude, but that’s a strong word that is highly offensive to some, and not appropriate for a general audiences demo. Anyway, carry on…

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