3D London Tube Map

Tube Map – Now with Docklands

We have spent the last couple of hours adding the docklands light railway to our Geographic London Tube Map for use in a paper: The image is on our Flickr stream should anyone wish to download it – also, if anyone is interested we can render out various resolutions for…

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Tube Map on Vimeo – Updated

This is a quick post – just to mention that our animation of the London Underground is now on Vimeo. Next step, if we get time, is to animate it according to the year of construction: Second Movie of the ‘Growing’ London Underground Network from digitalurban on Vimeo. Music is…

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London Tube: Geographical Extent Draft Movie 2

Regular readers will be aware of the long thread involving various renders of the London Tube network. Below is the latest update on ‘growing the network’, still in draft form as it needs some additional clips but i think its shaping up, albeit in a slightly eclectic way: Music ‘Strange…

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London Tube Lines: Growing the Network

Below is a quick draft movie of our latest work with the London Tube map. The movie was created to test the concept of ‘growing’ the tube lines with the thought of having they grow according to the date of construction in a future version. Various bugs now need to…

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3D London Tube Map Movie

*Update – see 3D Tube Map Update for the latest movie – Update* London Tube Map Geography:Visualisation Draft from digitalurban on Vimeo. The movie above is a draft look at our 3D London Tube Map with the lines laid out according to their geographic location. The movie was made as…

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Back to the Tube: 3D London Underground in Google Maps

We are revisiting this earlier work due to a meeting today with regards creating visualisations of the London Underground. The work started out with the movie below of the traditional tube map. Created direct from a .pdf file via London Transports website it provided a ‘quick and dirty’ flythrough of…

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London 3D Tube Map in Google Maps

Sometimes when jumping from project to project and tutorial to tutorial projects get lost and posts overlooked. One such example is our 3D Tube Map which, despite being something we are quite proud off, sat on the shelf for a while due to lack of time. Embedded below is the…

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3D London Underground Image

Readers maybe aware of our on-going work to build a 3D map of the London Tube network. Depth information is hard to come by due to issues of security therefore the work has concentrated on creating a 3D geographic location map. Aimed at creating a ‘plasticine‘ look to the routes…

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