3D Modelling

Building Rome in a Day: A 3D City via Flickr

With the recent rise in popularity of Internet photo sharing sites like Flickr and Google Images, community photo collections (CPCs) have emerged as a powerful new type of image dataset for computer vision and computer graphics research. With billions of such photos now online, these collections should enable huge opportunities…

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PhotoSketch Launched with 30 Day Trial

PhotoSketch by Brainstorm Technology LLC is now available with a fully functional 30 day trial version available for download. PhotoSketch is a Google SketchUp plugin that enables the user to model 3D urban structures directly from photographs. It is aimed at architects, designers, and entertainment content creators allowing a new…

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iClone and SketchUp: Interior Design Tutorials

As we have posted before, we like iClone, the 3D creation program that allows avatars to be lip synced and placed in 3d scenes, its perfect for story telling, presentations and pre-visualisation. Indeed we have recently used it in a grant bid, sometimes 3D avatars are better at communicating to…

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Guggenheim: Design It – SketchUp Competition

The Guggenheim and Google SketchUp invite amateur and professional designers from around the world to enter Design It: Shelter Competition. From now until August 23, you can submit a 3-D shelter for locations around the world using Google SketchUp and Google Earth. The competition is an extension of Learning By…

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Agents in the City: Vision

Our last weeks series of posts on 3D Agent Based Models using 3D Max has been interesting (at least we have found it interesting). It is easy to set up any number of agents to swarm or wander within a set radius but adding behaviours beyond swarming is more difficult….

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LightUp: Realtime Lighting in SketchUp

LightUp is creating quite a stir in the SketchUp community and for good reason. The plugin allows realtime lighting inside of SketchUp which by the looks of it dramatically improves the look of models. The two YouTube movies below provide a preview: The difference in quality is notable and this…

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Road Networks: Bringing 3D Greeble Cities to Life

Our Greeble City Tutorial provides a walk through on how to quickly and easily create a cityscape, complete with custom skyscrapers. Creating a city is all well and good but it is the fine details that brings a 3D city to life, the first of these is the road network….

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