3D Modelling

Designing Buildings using a Multi-Touch Display

Devices based on touch are becoming increasingly common and are currently deemed to usher in a new type of interface. Google Earth is a natural software product to be adapted for multi touch but is 3D architectural modelling? In the YouTube movie below Architect Doug Look from Autodesk Labs experiments…

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Data as Architecture – SketchUp Bar Charts

Taking a break from the photorealism we usually feature in our 3D models we have been looking at quick and easy ways to visualise both geographic and non-geographic data. The traditional bar chart hasn’t changed much in terms of presentation since the introduction of Excel. Yet in the time taken…

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Data Visualisation – SketchUp to 3DMax

While thumbing through various reports we were struck at how unimaginative a lot of geographic data visualisation is. Therefore, we thought we would try creating some components in SketchUp and link them to values for population per London Borough for 2006.The data input was carried out manually due to errors…

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3D London Underground Image

Readers maybe aware of our on-going work to build a 3D map of the London Tube network. Depth information is hard to come by due to issues of security therefore the work has concentrated on creating a 3D geographic location map. Aimed at creating a ‘plasticine‘ look to the routes…

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Second Life – First Build Rapid Modelling

Having taken our first belated steps into Second Life and created a ‘Step inside panoramic sphere‘ we decided to explore the concept of rapid city modelling. The movie below details a small section of Newham in London transported to a beach ‘sandbox’ area in Second Life: Taking under 5 minutes…

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Rapid Photomodelling in SketchUp

We remember the days when to build a photorealistic model of a building you had to have a MSc in photogrammetry and a good understanding of camera constraints. Now using Google SketchUp you can model a building in under three minutes as the movie upload by CoffeeStained illustrates: The photograph…

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