3D Modelling

St John’s Church Newham – Google Earth

As part of the Virtual London project at CASA we are modelling part of Newham. Developing the area section by section using a combination of LiDAR/aerial and ground based imagery the latest model to be completed is St John’s Church. St John’s was designed by Edward Blore, one of the…

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Sense of Place in Digital Models

At the moment our team at CASA are working on a digital model of Stratford, the main location of the London Olympics 2012. Developed from a 1 metre digital terrain model and 1 metre LiDAR the model is gradually gaining a sense of location and place. This is all important…

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Google Earth Paper Models

Google Earth is about data, to construct 3D models of cities you need data on heights and textures. In our post on Canary Wharf we point to how the model was constructed using Emporis as a reference. Another route however is to look at paper models and Skyscrapermodels.us by John…

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Virtual London – Rebuilt Within the M25

The Virtual London model at CASA is currently being rebuilt from the bottom up with a new dataset. The new model will include all of the London buildings within the M25 and will be available to London Boroughs within the next few weeks under a cost free license negotiated through…

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Digital Earths – Rendering

JC Francois’s site NoirExtreme was a life saver when i found i had to step into give a lecture to the British Council on Global Warming. This obviously requires a highly polished visualisation of the earth linking data relevant to climate change and thus demonstrating how new technologies cna be…

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London Phonebox

Another update – this time to the phonebox renders that can be found further down the blog. Close up views are now looking realistic although the top of the phonebox is failing to line up for some reason….. Minor points in the scale of Virtual London but street furniture is…

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Rendering 3D Models

With 3D models even the best ones can look poor with the wrong choice of renderer. With the right render however, even simple block models can look impressive. This one is a simple render of UCL but with the right lighting and settings it can be made to look almost…

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