Architectural Animation

CG Animated Short: Going Green

Going Green is a 4minute animated short created by Thiago S. Aranha as part of his Digital Film and Animation MA at the London Metropolitan University. The course is practice based course providing a broad-based approach to digital moving image and animation technologies. Students are encouraged to explore the growing…

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CG + Second Life Machinima

Below is a promotional movie of the activity for public industrial-academic complex of Tokyo Metropolitan University. The clip is composed of 2 elements, firstly 3D composite work using photographs of cities and campuses and secondly, machinima in Second Life using photographs of researchers and their work: Normally we wouldn’t cover…

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Lumitectura: Light, Music and Architecture

Lumitectura is a music video by barno about the relation of light, music and architecture. The clip is defined by 3 elements. -One videofile, shot between 2 and 6 pm.-The speed of playback of this file, which is synchronised manually to the music.-Approximately 50 different masks, which define where the…

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Restoring Historic Jeddah

‘squint/opera’s’ film for the redevelopment of Jeddah Central District describes a project of six million square metres, the largest city centre project in the Arab world. The narrative explains the historical importance of the city and makes the case for a sympathetic development, aiming to revitalise the city’s architectural and…

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Berlin Block Tetris

The movie below was created using After Effects as a University project by Sergej Hein, we like it a lot: Berlin Block Tetris from Sergej Hein on Vimeo. In Sergej’s own words: “It´s kind of a parody about the former socialist building style. They use to build whole cities, without…

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Goodbye London by Luke Jackson

We seriously love this one, not only is it a great track and based mainly around Camden – our bit of London Town – but it also features some neat animation, stop motion and camera tracking work. Luke Jackson’s video for Goodbye London, written and directed by Murray John: Goodbye…

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Architectural Animation: Subprime

subprime from beeple on Vimeo. The above movie entitled ‘subprime’ was created by beeple of of particular note is the animation which amazingly was all done by hand in Cinema 4D. Thanks go to Andrew from the University of Western Sydney for dropping us a email with the link….

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Cities in Flight: Animated Short

Cities In Flight from Charlie McCulloch on Vimeo.The movie above by Charlie McCulloch is loosly based on Cities in Flight by James Blish. Amazon describe the story as one of the grandest, and certainly one of the best written, of wide-screen space operas, Blish’s Cities in Flight takes us from…

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Shelter House of Cards Visualisation

Leo Burnett’s campaign for Shelter – the Homeless and Housing charity entitled the ‘House of Cards’ campaign is designed to raise awareness of the fragililty of the UK housing situation. Radiohead donated one of its tracks – Videotape from the In Rainbows album and voiceover is by Academy Award nominated…

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