Architectural Visualisation

Toyota – Norwegian Visualisation

The Toyota advert below was created by Gimpville, a production house based in Oslo, Norway. We don’t normally include adverts, but it is so well done its worthy of a post: Toyota from Apt on Vimeo. Simple, but charming…

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Auckland 2100 Visualisation

Anything that includes a distopian city vision complete with ‘blimps’ gets our attention – below is a vision of Auckland in 2100: Auckland 2100 Visualisation from Media Design School on Vimeo. The clip was chosen as ‘best of’ as part of a project at the Media Design School (MDS) in…

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Gebouw Delftse Poort Animation

The movie below of the Gebouw Delftse Poort building in Rotterdam by david bijttebier caught out attention this afternoon, it is wonderfully abstract: It is also worth taking a look at David’s Flickr stream as it contains some interesting ‘greeble‘ and urban related work. Its a nice change from the…

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Neo City

We don’t have much information on this one, but anything that includes in the title ‘neo and city’ obviously gets our attention and its a good one: Neo City from Hao on Vimeo. The clip was produced by Hao, it is well worth heading over to his Vimeo page to…

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New City in Central Africa: La Cité du Fleuve

Conceived to appear from the marshes at an islet of the Congo River, North of the city of Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo, La Cité du Fleuve is an ambitious new city project: Its not often you get complete new cities planned in Central Africa and if it…

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Cityfix: MTV and OneDotZero

Cityfix was commissioned by MTV/OneDotZero as a fictional brand created to campaign for industrial architecture in a post-industrial era: Cityfix from Studio Cymbol on Vimeo. Directed by Matthew Bullock, produced by Rebekah Cooper and animated by Neal Coghlan, Cityfix highlights the beauty and heritage represented by industrial structures in comparison…

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Simurban and Mycosm: New Virtual World and Urban Viz Systems

We have just come across ‘SIMMERSION‘ a company with two interesting products in development. The first is Simurban, 3D visualisation3D simulation software aimed at creating, viewing and allowing the user to interact with accurate and realistic models of any built environment. The movie below details Simurban running in realtime: Of…

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Chicago Architecture Foundation: Chicago Model City

How does a city as vast and complex as Chicago take shape? What are the consequences—intended and unintended—of urban planning? What challenges do planners face? Beyond its reputation as a global metropolis featuring world-renowned architecture, Chicago enjoys special status: it is a model for understanding all cities. Enormous size, diverse…

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Architectural Visualization: LoftStudios

Architectural Animation from Alex Kadrileyev on Vimeo. LoftStudio is a Finnish based architectural, planning and urban design visualization company. They have just released the video above on Vimeo and we thought it worthy of a post – we especially like the internal visualization and the last few scenes.

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