Architectural Visualisation

Bartlett School of Architecture: Unit 13 Second Life

The video below was produced by UNIT 13, an informal unit of the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London. It was organized to explore the capabilities of virtual worlds for architectural practice. Unit 13 is currently operated within Second Life. It came to our attention after we gave a…

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The Shard, London Visualisation

The movie below by details the Shard of Glass, London. Known simply as The Shard the tower is proposed at 1017 feet (310 metres) tall and will have 72 floors, plus 15 further radiator floors, making it the tallest building in the UK. The Shard, London from Uniform on…

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Squint/Opera Architectural Showreel 2008

Squint/Opera Showreel 2008 – Architectural/3D from squintopera on Vimeo. Over the past couple of years we have run a number of posts on squint/opera. Embedded above is their architectural showreel for 2008 and as ever is exudes the squint/opera style. The company is up there with the best and if…

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Downtown Skyscraper Visualisation

Dreamsoft 3D Skyskraper Demo from ray hubbard on Vimeo. The movie above is, in their own words, a demo ‘3D animation of a Downtown scene with Sky Skraper by Dreamsoft’. Note the misspelling of Scraper, we thought perhaps its a new software package but looking at the Dreamsoft site we…

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Steampunk City – Maya

Details are slightly sparse on this one apart from it was modelled and rendered in Maya and features a city designed around the ‘Steampunk’ theme. According to the wiki – Steampunk is a subgenre of fantasy and speculative fiction which came into prominence in the 1980s and early 1990s. The…

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Oklahoma ‘Core to Shore’ Master Plan Visualisation

Oklahoma City’s “Core to Shore” – by skylineink from imagiNATIVEamerica on Vimeo. Skyline Ink have produced a visualisation of Oklahoma’s ‘Core to Shore’ Master Plan. While its nice, we don’t quite get the ‘video’ on the bridge part and there’s something about it that does not quite work. That said,…

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Abu Dhabi 2030

Plan Abu Dhabi 2030 from squintopera on Vimeo. The Urban Planning Council of Abu Dhabi (UPC) appointed Squint Opera to create a short film illustrating their grand Urban Planning Guide for Abu Dhabi. It was a good choice and Squint Opera’s distinct style shines throughout the movie. The film communicates…

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Worlds within Worlds: Panoramic Visualisation

Worlds within Worlds: Using Panoramas for Sense of Location and Place from digitalurban on Vimeo. Embedding panoramas in a x/y/z space allows movies to be created where the camera automatically pans around a scene. Panoramas are traditionally interactive, thus all our output via this blog is available in Quicktime Virtual…

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The Making Of: ‘In Dire Need’

“In Dire Need” – Camera Mapping Breakdown from Colin Levy on Vimeo. The movie above by Colin Levy is an excellent insight into the use of camera matching and masking to create the closing shot of ‘In Dire Need’. The clip took a week to complete, made as a public…

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