SketchUp 8: Full Building Maker Integration

We have just fallen in love with Google SketchUp all over again, we are slightly late to the table on this one but Google Building Maker is now fully integrated into SketchUp 8. It has the genius of Canoma with the addition of all the editing functions that come with SketchUp and…

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Back to 1999 – Still Love Canoma

Canoma was released in 1999 and had the classic, but sadly long gone Metacreations interface, the work flow was painfully simple and a 3D model could be built and textured mapped in under an hour. Quite simply Canoma changed the way we modelled the environment and introduced photorealisic 3D models…

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3D Art: Extracting Geometry from Paintings

Revisiting a previous post, sometimes I look at paintings and think wouldn’t it be great to fly inside that scene. So, using a section of Visscher’s panoramic view of London circa 1616, we put in lines of perspective and traced around the main features. As the movie above shows you…

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