City Timelapses

HD Timelapse: Downtown Tampa Florida

Another in our series of city timelapses, this time by AlanSmithee over on Vimeo who has uploaded an impressive clip of Downtown Tampa, Florida: HD Time Lapse of Downtown Tampa Florida from AlanSmithee on Vimeo. It is well worth heading over to Alan’s video page as it features a number…

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Small Life in Cologne

Ok we know we are meant to be on ‘vacation’ and away from the blog/work, but this clip is simply too good not to post: Small Life in Cologne from Christoph Schaarschmidt on Vimeo. The tiltshift / timelapse movie was created by Christoph Schaarschmidt a media-technology student from the University…

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A London Day: Timelapse

London Day by UrbanTick uses timelapse techniques to follow the activities of a day in the UK capital. Interestingly the clips were shot with a Canon G9, using the CHDK, and two iPhones a 2G and a 3GS. London Day from urbanTick on Vimeo. Music by Summer Hill by DANGSTA…

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City Timelapse: Tokyo and Yokohama

Timelapse imagery provides a unique way to portray to the city, carrying on in our series of timelapse city movies we feature Tokyo and Yokohama in Japan: Created by Aqua Geo Graphic it almost draws you into the city, especially the shots of Tokyo Tower.

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City Timelapses: Tokyo and Yokohama

The latest in our timelapse movies thread features Tokyo and Yokohama in Japan. Japan is one of the best places for timelapses in the world due to its vibrant nature and pace of the city that compliments timelapse photography: Tokyo & Yokohama – A High Speed Journey from Andreas Doppelmayr…

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City Timelapses: Moscow

Moscow City timelapse from Timelapser on Vimeo. We have revamped the layout of digital urban this week going for a wider format and including a number of clickable categories in the title bar. This allows for a quick and easy way to get to the latest posts, one of these…

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Life on the Bus: Timelapse by UrbanTick

Fabian over at UrbanTick notes that most of us travel to work daily and most likely we travel in a mass of fellow travelers towards a destination most likely in a inner city location. This collective daily migration also known as the rush hour is part of the city beat…

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