City Timelapses

Tokyo Timelapse: Remanence

remanence : variance from Samuel Cockedey on Vimeo. The timelapse above is by Samuel Cockedey – In Samuels own words the clip is entitled Remanence referring to: a. The state of being remanent; continuance; permanence.b. The magnetic flux remaining in a substance after the magnetizing force has been withdrawn. Variancea….

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London Timelapse: Aircraft and Smoke

London Timelapse: Aircraft and Smoke from digitalurban on Vimeo.The timelapse above was captured on April 26th 2009 – note the advertising plane circling the London skyline and the fire that breaks out half way through the movie. Music by Fragile ‘Float on Clouds’ over at unsigned bands. Captured using a…

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Metropolis Timelapse: Denver

metropolis from on Vimeo.The movie above illustrates a series of timelapses taken in Denver, Colorado by Captured with a Canon D1 we really like the way it picks up the nature of the city at night, especially the mix of the city roads and airspace in a couple…

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London Snow Timelapse: 21,000 Photographs

London Snow Timelapse: 21,000 Photographs from digitalurban on Vimeo. The timelapse above was captured from our roof overlooking the London skyline from Camden Town. Produced from 21,000 photographs it captures the heaviest snow in London for 18 years. Note how the camera lens gets covered in snow from time to…

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City of Light: Tokyo Timelapse

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office offers perhaps one of the best city views in the world – and best of all it is free. Sof of captured the timelapse below from the top of the observatory using a Pentax K20D + DA18-55mmII setup. The City of Light from sof…

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TimeLapse for the iPhone – A First Look

TimeLapse is an iPhone app that automates the operation of the iPhone’s camera to help create time lapse photo sequences. TimeLapse stores the photos in the iPhone photo library so you can easily download them to your computer and create a movie using applications such as Apple QuickTime Pro, Windows…

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Space/Time City Timelapse: Colapse Times

colapse times from on Vimeo.The movie above entitled ‘Colapse Times’ features night light timelapse sessions by (Photographer) combined with diting & morph effect by motion. The movie is mixed with track ”Third Knife’ from The Youngsters – Ministry of Sound record: “The Underground 2008”. We like the…

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TiltShift, Timelapse and Motion Tracking: MapType

We don’t know who its by apart from the link to which brings up the logo pictured above but the movie in this post ticks all the boxes – City (tick), Timelapse (tick), Tilt Shift (tick), Motion Tracking (tick) – perhaps we should get out more but its is…

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Cologne City Night Timelapse

Cologne Night Timelapse from Daniel Saegebarth on Vimeo.The movie above by Cedric May and Daniel Saegebarth of details the city of Colgne, Germany at night. We have a bit of a ‘thing’ about timelapses and this is an excellent example, linked to the music is almost makes Cologne feel…

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