Crowd Sourcing

Google Buzz Layer on Google Maps: The InfoCrowd

Google has just announced ‘Google Buzz’ a social networking tool similar in some ways to Twitter but with location brought to the forefront. You can quickly add your location to your ‘buzz’ and its viewable on a map. Of note is the ‘buzz layer’ in the new Google Maps app…

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Crowdsourcing Spatial Surveys and Mapping

Below is a short paper we will be presenting in March at GISRUK 2009. Crooks, A. T., Hudson-Smith, A., M., Milton, R., and Batty, M. (2009), Crowdsourcing Spatial Surveys and Mapping, in Fairbairn, D. (ed.), Proceedings of the 17th Geographical Information Systems Research UK Conference, Durham University, England. Thanks go…

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Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI)

Mike Goodchild of the University of California, Santa Barbara is one of the key commentators on virtual geographic environments (VGE’s). Below is a note based summary of Mike’s presentation at the International Conference on Developments in Visualization and Virtual Environments in Geographic Information Science at The Chinese University of Hong…

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