Demo Reels

Compositing Reel: Visual Effects

Demo reels can be a great way to get a feel how clips are put together, what software is involved and the steps taken to make it all look real. Mark Sniffen, a recent graduate of the School of Film and Animation at the Rochester Institute of Technology, has upload…

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Architectual Demo Reels: Pixeldreams

The demo reel above is from ‘Pixeldreams: Architectural Visualization Services’. Pixeldreams, is a company based in Barcelona, Spain with representatives in London, Dubai and Abu Dhabi that has, since 1998, specialized in the creation of virtual renderings and animations for all types of architectural projects. The soundtrack has been disabled…

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Architectural Visualisation: Softmirage Demo Reel

Softmirage 3D Animation Demo Reel v4.0 from softmirage on Vimeo. The movie above comes from Softmirage a visual communications company located in Orange County, California. The company focuses on the architectural, construction, real estate, and urban planning community visualisation. See for more examples…

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Architectural Show Reels: Squint/Opera

Squint/Opera Showreel from squintopera on Vimeo.Squint/Opera’s Showreel combines humour and narration with cutting-edge design and imaginative illustrative techniques. Using a visual language, the company channels and translates the creative investigations of the architectural team into a medium that everyone, from the schoolchild to the Mayor, can understand. The above write…

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Architectural Show Reels: Distinct Solutions

Continuing our series featuring show reels from architectural visualisation companies we feature Distinct Solutions. With their main offices in Dubai the show reel focuses on the United Arab Emirates with both internal and external visualisations. In short show reels need to speak for themselves, so embedded below is Distinct solutions…

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Architectural Visualisation: SoftMirage Demo Reel

Continuing our series on Demo Reels we feature work by SoftMirage, a visual communications company located in Orange County. Founded in 1997, SoftMirage produces high quality work with the aim to remain at the edge of technological advances. Their services range from 3D computer animation to corporate identity to website…

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Architectural Demo Reels: The H4 Group

Established in the UK in 1996 the H4 Group have offices in London, Paris and Nanjing. Working with architects and property developers the company is based around the production of CGI architectural images and visualization, as such their demo reel is up there with the best in the business. Embedded…

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Demo Reels Newlands and Company

Continuing our series of demo reels – which are basically a companies showcase of the last years work – we feature the 2007 Transport and Architecture reels from Newlands and Company. Architecture Reel 2007 Transportation Reel 2007 See the Newlands and Company site for more info on their projects and…

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Demo Reels – CAD Studio Architectual Visualisation

In the second of our new series of posts on Demo Reels we feature CAD Studio. The Architecture 3D animation showreel dates from 2006 with the visualisaton produced using Maya sofware:Cad Studios’ literature state that the company offers a high level of service to the building industry, covering areas such…

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