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London Eye Visualisation in Oblivion

Following on from our post on the Quad at University College London in the Oblivion Engine we have run a test on importing raw CAD data. Our beta model of the London Eye imported without error which is encouraging for visualising the London model as a whole. The movie above…

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Half Life 0 Oblivion 1 – Half Life Update

Importing into the Half Life 2 Engine has proved slow and problematic. The requirement to create ‘qc’ files and compile models before even reaching the engine puts time constraints on the process that make it laborious for architectural models to be visualised. The engine behind the game Oblivion however is…

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Cities in Games – City 17 – Half Life 2

Continuing our series of Cities in Games we take a first look at City 17, the location of Half Life 2. Half-Life 2 is a science fiction first-person shooter game which, running in the Source Engine developed by Valve Corporation, allows a number of advanced rendering effects. Our movie below…

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