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3D London: Google Earth

With recent developments here in CASA we somehow managed to miss the addition of automated 3D models into Google Earth for London. The mix of hand made and we presume LiDAR derived models is stunning with resolution down to modelling the chimneys on many buildings: The quad at University College London is…

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SketchUp 8: Google Building Maker Direct in SketchUp

Google has announced the new features available in SketchUp 8. The highlight in our eyes is the integration of Google Building Maker direct into SketchUp. Any building maker building in Google Earth can be imported, combine this with exports to Unity/Crysis etc and just think about the possibilities… Download for…

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London Cycle Hire in Google Earth

Adrian Short, the person behind the fantastic Boris Bikes API which serves live data about bike and docking station availability has created a visualization in Google Earth detailing current bike availability across London: To view the live version and see full details on how it was done – head over…

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A-Team: Drive the Van in Google Earth

Google Earth still amazes in terms of visualisation and in the latest development, planetinaction has created a ‘game’ linked to the up and coming A Team movie: YouTube can be a harsh place to be sometimes and the comments on the various clips have been cutting. What needs to be…

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London Twitter Cloud

Regular readers will know we have been logging data in 12 cities via our Tweet-o-Meter, its still early days but the results for a weekend in London are intriguing. The data covers a weekend period from Friday evening to Monday morning containing 380,000 individual tweets. Within these 60,000 were geo-referenced,…

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Google Earth – Creating a Zoom Movie

A quick post as few years ago we wrote a tutorial on creating a ‘zoom’ movie from Google Earth, it involved all sort of issues with paths and local caches and reversing frames. Nowadays its simply a case of ‘right clicking’ in Google Earth and dragging the mouse: Google Earth…

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3D Mash-Up Maps let you ‘Edit’ the World

This weeks NewScientist has a good article entilted ‘3D mash-up maps let you ‘edit’ the world. Written by Colin Barras it notes that armchair explorers who soar over 3D cityscapes on their computer may be used to the idea of maps with an extra dimension. But they are now getting…

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