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Virtual Tourism – Google Maps and Google Earth

The ability to embed YouTube movies into Google Maps and now more recently in Google Earth opens up the ability to view video of locations. As such the concept is almost custom made for Virtual Tourism and the aptly named Virtual Toursim blog has created a map with over 150…

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Embedding MyMaps into a Blog or Webpage Direct

This is now the third post on ‘How to Embed Google MyMaps into a blog’ and finally it has been integrated direct into the Google MyMaps service. Once you have created your MyMap simply click on the ‘Link to this page’ option and the code is available to cut and…

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Google My Maps Bug (?) – Update 2

Another update – this seems to of been fixed, embedding video in Google My Maps seems to be working fine. We have added a new sample video, captured using the Nokia N95, to our map showing our location in Santa Barbara. *** With regards the post below, Google have let…

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Google My Maps – Map of the Week

Time was if you wanted to go on a local walk you would either pick up a leaflet at the local tourism office or unfold a map and plan your own route. The release of Google My Maps, which allows you to create your own maps, is replacing this need…

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Embedding My Maps into Blogger

Embedding My Maps into blogger has taken a couple of weeks for various services to iron out but it now seems possible, complete with sidebar, icons and embedded video. The map above was created using firstly Google My Maps and then embedded using the script service at My Maps Plus….

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