3D City on the iPad (Movie)

Mobile 3D City, the people behind the excellent Paris 3D application on the iPhone have released a movie detailing a 3D City dataset from Blom running on an Ipad: In many ways the iPad is the perfect device for exploring 3D cities, we spent the weekend playing about with Google…

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iPhone Timelapse – A Gorillacam Quick Post

A quick follow up post on our previous first look at the free Gorillacam app for the iPhone. Despite the iPhone known camera limitations it still does a good job at timelapses with enough resolution to add in various panning movements as per our latest clip below: Music is courtesy…

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Timelapse on the iPhone: A look at the free Gorillacam App

Joby, the people behind the Gorillapods, have released a free camera app for theiPhone entitled ‘Gorillacam’. Of note the application features a timelapse mode allowing multiple photos spaced at various intervals, ranging from 1 second apart, up to 2 minutes. We have run a few tests and with a first…

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Historic Mapping on iPhone/Android – Walk Through Time

Walking Through Time is a research project developing iPhone and Android apps that architectural historians, conservationists and tourists to swap the Google base map for a historical map – i.e., allowing a user to ‘Walk Through Time’. The movie clip below provides a neat guide to the concept: In short,…

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IPhone 3D Texture Mapped City: Paris

In the comments to our recent post on 3D New York on the iPhone Matthieu suggested we ran a search for Paris. The clip is below, all we can say is wow: Paris 3D is the first full texture mapped 3D city on the iPhone and it is very impressive….

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