Mike Batty

Urban Modelling: Algorithms, Calibrations, Predictions

Mike Batty of CASA “Urban Modelling: Algorithms, Calibrations, Predictions” which was originally published in 1976 has been republished by popular demand…  The book covers a plethora of topics, introducing the reader to simulation models and the need for such methods. For example, “simulation methods are used to derive the behaviour…

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How Big Can Cities Grow? Guest Article by Mike Batty

Professor Mike Batty, Director of CASA (home of digital urban) knows a thing or two about cities, and he has kindly agreed to publish his views on how large cities can grow via the blog… How Big Can Cities Grow? Cities usually begin to grow around some central point which…

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Fractal Cities Book: Now a Free Download

Michael Batty and Paul Longley’s seminal 1994 book entitled ‘Fractal Cities: A Geometry of Form and Function’ is now available as a free download. In the introduction the authors state that… The book presents an initial attempt to apply fractal geometry to cities.In fact, we go beyond this and argue…

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