Neogeography Gadgets

SatNav Shoes: Navigate the City on Foot

Navigating the city on foot can be tricky, sure an iPhone may help but who wants to walk around with a shiny new phone in your hand just waiting to be stolen? How about a pair of shoes with GPS built in, complete with step by step guidance. The left…

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US Census Drop’s PDA, Adopts Pencil and Paper

Sometimes it is easy to overlook how good ‘old’ style technologies are. For example, pencil and paper has automatic 100% handwriting recognition, is zoomable, viewable from any angle in any light conditions and is compatible with any number of filing systems. As such the US Census Bureau will be ditching…

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Garmin nuvifone – A Phone for Neogeographers?

Garmin is the market leader in GPS devices, its GPS based hardware is well respected in the industry and now they are entering the mobile phone market. The ‘Nuvifone’ seems to take on the iPhone with its touch screen navigation and adds the all important GPS capability. Garmin view the…

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