Pixel Art

Pixel Art Buildings in MSPaint

We are big fans of pixel art here at digital urban and the video below provides a great insight into creating pixel art in MS Paint: Pixel Art Villa Video You can create a similar effect using SketchUp – see our Isometric Pixel Art – Simulating in SketchUp Tutorial but…

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Speed Build a City in MS Paint

A second posts on MSPaint – it is not known for its functionality but it is particularly good at pixel art (see Pixel Art Buildings in MSPaint). Embedded below is a movie that caught our eye by wovelscortch: Speed painting a city in MS Paint takes dedication thats for sure…

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Pixel Art in SketchUp

Zonaid has written an excellent tutorial on creating Pixel Art in Photoshop. Following on from yesterdays tutorial on creating Pixel Art we have recreated the building in Sketchup. SketchUp does not exactly replicate Pixel Art but it is a considerable time saver. You can follow our tutorial to create your…

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