Procedural Cities

CityEngine: ESRI and Lumion a first look.

Yesterday a license for CityEngine landed on our desk from the nice people at ESRI and to be honest we were a little too excited for our own good, after all its only software. However, CityEngine and its integration with ESRI ArcGIS, while maintaining full export capabilities to load into 3DMax/Lumion/Unity etc,…

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CityEngine 2010: An Upgrade and New Licensing Models

CityEngine is without question one of the best city authoring systems out there. In the past we always noted pricing as an issue, but with the release of City Engine 2010 they have a whole new pricing structure in place. Highlights of the update are interactive editing of dynamic city…

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The Scalable City

Scalable City creates an urban/suburban/rural environment via a data visualization pipeline. Each step in this pipeline builds upon the previous, amplifying exaggerations, artifacts and the patterns of algorithmic process. The results of this are experiences such as prints, video installations and interactive multi-user games and virtual environments. We really like…

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CityScape 1.8: GIS and OpenStreetMap Import Options

PixelActive have released a new version of their CityScape software. We are a picky bunch here at digital urban but the demo of CityScape is impressive, especially the ability to import native GIS data, OpenStreetMap and export to AutoDesk. Combine this with Unity and you have a powerful city creation…

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CityEngine 2009.3

The latest version of the CityEngine (2009.3) includes features such as advanced roof types and global texture mapping to make the creation of large urban 3D models even easier. We are big fans of the CityEngine, especially with its ability to import OpenStreetMap data for street layouts. The movie below…

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Procedural Building Generator v0.5 Launched

Tyson Ibele, over at has released the latest version of his Building Generator for 3D Max 9 and above. Development has been swift with the addition of textures a couple of weeks ago and now a notable update to the creation of windows/details on the buildings. With the creation…

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CityEngine 2009.2 Released

Procedural Inc. has announced the CityEngine 2009.2, the latest version of its software for the fast creation, visualization and analysis of large 3D cities. The software is used by high-profile companies such as Foster+Partners, Microsoft, Navteq, Boeing, IBM, Thales, Blizzard, Square Enix, etc. and was awarded Killer Technology 2009 by…

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