Unity, SketchUp, LightUp and Max: Progress Movie

We have been working on the new exhibition space for the city and agent based modelling work here at CASA for around 4 days. Our development path has changed in favour of SketchUp with LightUp plugin for the rooms layout and 3D Max for the agent based models. The movie…

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Unity Progress

Apologies for the lack of posts today – its all due to the screen shot above. A mix of SketchUp/LightUp, 3D Max and Unity have eaten up our day as we develop the exhibition space for the latest work. The movie below take a look at the model so far…

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SketchUp, LightUp 1.5 and Unity: Progress

We have been giving LightUp the light simulation plugin for SketchUp a spin this afternoon and we are impressed. LightUp is remarkably easy to use, you can simply click on any textured shape and allow it emit light, opening up the way for quick and easy renders out of SketchUp….

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Augmented Reality for SketchUp: Now on the Mac

We ran a post on ARMedia a while ago and now the Augmented Reality plugin for SketchUp is available for the Mac. The movie below sums up the possibilities: If you are in the business of communicating designs to clients or setting up an exhibition space and need something that…

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PhotoSketch for Google SketchUp: Near to Launch (?)

We first blogged about PhotoSketch back in 2007 and it now looks like its intriguingly close to market. PhotoSketch by Brainstorm Technology LLC is a Google SketchUp plugin that enables the user to build 3D urban structures directly from photographs. It is aimed at architects, designers, and entertainment content creators…

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