Augmented Reality and Google SketchUP: ARplug-in

We have always been big fans of augmented reality here at digital urban, simply because it is so easy to set up yet a very impressive and powerful visualisation technique. As such the ability to export direct from Google SketchUp via the new plugin ARplug-in from the Development Lab of…

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LightUp: Realtime Lighting in SketchUp

LightUp is creating quite a stir in the SketchUp community and for good reason. The plugin allows realtime lighting inside of SketchUp which by the looks of it dramatically improves the look of models. The two YouTube movies below provide a preview: The difference in quality is notable and this…

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Crysis Update: Importing from Google 3D Warehouse

A quick update on progress – see our Crysis Thread for more posts and movies – we have a work flow in place to take any model from the Google 3D Warehouse and import it into Crysis. The image above is the Washington National Cathedral – direct from the 3D…

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3D Churches: Modelling the Architecture

We are not sure why but we have a ‘thing’ about 3D models of churches. We think its down to the unique architecture but there is something about models of cathedrals and churches that is often awe inspiring.Rollothecats model of a church exterior built using SketchUp is exquisite: The work…

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Google 3D Warehouse: Importing into Crysis

The latest in our series of posts on importing into the Crysis Sandbox looks at the Google 3D Warehouse. The warehouse is a repository of over 200,000 models and a unique archive of buildings and street furniture from around the world. Its taken some time but we now have a…

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SketchUp City

SketchUp is almost custom made for creating fantasy cityscapes and continuing our series of SketchUp Cities we feature a movie uploaded by shady110: We like its style, also nice to see the Bank of China crop up in the model – possibly one of our favourite buildings – see our…

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SketchUp – Photo Match and Compositing

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to remember how we survived before YouTube, it is becoming an invaluable resource for tutorials and tips in 3D modelling. One gem comes from who provide video training on SketchUp via either their DVD or YouTube. Embedded below is their tutorial on how to use…

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