Crysis – Importing City Models: St Pauls Cathedral

A second post on Crysis as we continue to experiment with the game engine for importing architectural and city models direct from Sketchup/3D Max and ESRI ArcScene. Embedded below is a movie detailing progress on importing sections of our Virtual London model. Note the landmark buildings – St Paul’s Cathedral…

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Urban Design: Chongqing SketchUp

Chongqing is the largest and most populous of the People’s Republic of China’s four provincial-level municipalities. With a population of over 4.1million the area is experiencing unprecedented growth. Embedded below is a proposal conceived by Rêve architectes associés, rendered in SketchUp the compression shows in the quality but it provides…

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SketchUp Styles – Drawing the City

Google’s SketchUp Pro version 6 includes the ability to visualise your 3D models using various ‘Styles’, as the guide to the new features explains – “Styles are collections of display settings, including new options like Watermarks and Sketchy Effects, saved in the new Styles palette. You can create, save, and…

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Building Energy Analysis Tool for Sketchup

Green Energy and a buildings carbon footprint is currently a hot topic with developers tapping into the market of customers wanting to live in an energy efficient home. Indeed, energy certification is now required by law in the UK under the European Performance of Buildings Directive. With this in mind…

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SketchUp to 3D Max to Real Life

Craig D’Andrea, SketchUp Quality Assurance Tester and poster over at the Official SketchUp Blog has noted some amazing work by Andrija Posarić a SketchUp user from Zagreb. In short Andrija had 3 days to go from a blueprint of a building to a 3d model which in turn was to…

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Book of the Week – Google Sketchup for Dummies

As readers may know we are big fans of SketchUp, firstly for being available in a largely fully functional free version and secondly for being so refreshingly easy to use. Despite SketchUp’s ease of use it does take a while to fully appreciate its range of toolsets and how best…

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Data as Architecture – SketchUp Bar Charts

Taking a break from the photorealism we usually feature in our 3D models we have been looking at quick and easy ways to visualise both geographic and non-geographic data. The traditional bar chart hasn’t changed much in terms of presentation since the introduction of Excel. Yet in the time taken…

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Data Visualisation – SketchUp to 3DMax

While thumbing through various reports we were struck at how unimaginative a lot of geographic data visualisation is. Therefore, we thought we would try creating some components in SketchUp and link them to values for population per London Borough for 2006.The data input was carried out manually due to errors…

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SketchUp 3D Campus Winners

The University Campus competition via SketchUp has produced some excellent building models in Google Earth. Frank over at the Google Earth Blog has made a movie flying into each of the winning entries. Frank has kindly allowed us to embed his movie below: Music by The Tartan Rascals who have…

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