Things Talking to Things: The Internet of Things

The Tales of Things project is located within the emerging technical and cultural phenomenon known as ‘The Internet of Things’. The term is attributed to the Auto-ID research group at MIT in 1999, and was explored in depth by the International Telecommunication Union who published a report bearing the same…

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Tales of the City: QRCodes, Architecture and Wired

The London Festival of Architecture is underway and via the project Tales of the City we have been capturing people’s memories of Shoreditch and playing them back them back via small readable and writeable QR codes and RFID tags. Tales of the City extends the TalesofThings project into the urban…

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Tales of Things Goes Live – Its a Memory Thing

April 16th, 11.42 am and the research project born 18 months ago ‘Tales of Things‘ goes live, documented as the site is all about memories and attaching media to objects via qrcodes and rfid: Tales of Things is part of a research project called TOTeM that will explore social memory…

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