Making ‘Objects’ Tweet

You may of noticed that we recently launched our project ‘TalesofThings‘, a site that tags any media to any object using qrcodes or rfid tags: Once tagged each object basically gets its own webpage allowing comments to be placed, new media added such as YouTube clips, Audioboo, Vimeo etc and…

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Tagging technology – is the future bright?

Tagging technology – is the future bright? An invitation to think about where this technology might go and about its implications Public Workshop 10 May 2010, 1-5 pm at ‘Inspace’ on Crichton Street, Edinburgh More and more technologies are being developed to be ‘tagged’ to a person or object so…

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Tales of Things Goes Live – Its a Memory Thing

April 16th, 11.42 am and the research project born 18 months ago ‘Tales of Things‘ goes live, documented as the site is all about memories and attaching media to objects via qrcodes and rfid: Tales of Things is part of a research project called TOTeM that will explore social memory…

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Tales, MRes and Mapping – A DU Update

Our apologies for the slow week on the blog – its due to the current move to launch two projects this month. We have just been down the road to pick up a bit of kit – all with the aim of opening the box containing the Internet of Things….

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Tales of Things – April 2010

We are proud to announce that the ‘Internet of Things’ project we have been itching to blog about is set to launch mid April. The project is funded out of a digital economy sandpit with the technology developed by ourselves here at CASA, UCL and led by Edinburgh College of…

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