London Twitter Data as a Landscape

Readers will know that as part of the MRes in Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualisation, here in CASA, we are exploring new methods and techniques for visualising data. As part of the course we are looking at collecting data from the Twitter API and using the resulting .csv file as an input…

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San Francisco Tweetography: Twitter Landscapes

Our geo-located twitter data mined from San Francisco has now been processed to create a new look at the city. – Processed by Fabian Neuhaus, a PhD student here at CASA, University College London, the new city twitter topography creates a unique new media landscape. The data is mined via…

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Invisible, Hidden, Parallel Cities: Twitter Landscapes

By revealing the social networks present within the urban environment, Invisible Cities describes a new kind of city—a city of the mind. The movie below by Christian Marc Schmidt displays geocoded activity from online services such as Twitter and Flickr, both in real-time and in aggregate. Real-time activity is represented…

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Making ‘Objects’ Tweet

You may of noticed that we recently launched our project ‘TalesofThings‘, a site that tags any media to any object using qrcodes or rfid tags: Once tagged each object basically gets its own webpage allowing comments to be placed, new media added such as YouTube clips, Audioboo, Vimeo etc and…

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London Twitter Cloud Updated Movie

An update movie on our data collection via Twitter in association with urbantick. The data covers a weekend period from Friday evening to Monday morning containing 380,000 individual tweets. Within these 60,000 were geo-referenced, tweeted by 5,500 individual users. The movie clip uses Google Earth to visualise the data: Music…

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London Twitter Cloud

Regular readers will know we have been logging data in 12 cities via our Tweet-o-Meter, its still early days but the results for a weekend in London are intriguing. The data covers a weekend period from Friday evening to Monday morning containing 380,000 individual tweets. Within these 60,000 were geo-referenced,…

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Carling Cup Final Tweet-o-Meter is Live

The Tweet-o-Meter developed here at CASA is now live for the Cup Final Weekend, making it, in the words of Carling, the First Digital Cup final. The Tweet-O-Meter measures the volume of tweets about the Carling Cup Final and shows who’s tweeting hardest; fans in Birmingham, Manchester or London! As…

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Carling Cup Final using Tweet-o-Meter

Part of our remit for e-Science here at CASA and du is to use our research in new and innovative ways to get it out into the field. Indeed thats what the blog is all about, sharing our work and the science/techniques behind it. As such this weekend Carling Carling…

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