unmanned drones

Swinglet CAM: DIY Drone Aerial Photography

If anyone is sorting out a Digital Urban Christmas List, then please add the Swinglet CAM and mark it with a little star for high priority. With a 30 minute flying time, 12 mile range, 12Mp camera and ability to follow preprogrammed GPS tracks this is one of the best…

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MikroKopter: Aerial Panoramas and Remote Surveys

The MikroKopter was developed by German pioneers Holger Buss and Ingo Busker which according to Next Gen RC -the UK suppliers- is fun and educational to build, has outstanding flying performance and will very likely to be the most stable VTOL aircraft you have ever flown! To be honest we…

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Urban Surveys: Unmanned Helicopters & Drones

Unmanned aircraft, primarily helicopters capable of High Quality Digital Photography and HD Video are a low cost method to carry out rapid aerial surveys. Using remote control devices it is possible to fly through narrow areas such as city streets or natural obstructions at low or high altitudes. We are…

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