Virtual London

3D London: Google Earth

With recent developments here in CASA we somehow managed to miss the addition of automated 3D models into Google Earth for London. The mix of hand made and we presume LiDAR derived models is stunning with resolution down to modelling the chimneys on many buildings: The quad at University College London is…

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LiDAR Scan of London in LandXplorer

The movie below details a 1 meter resolution scan of London using LiDAR (an optical remote sensing technology that measures properties of scattered light to find range and/or other information of a distant target via laser pulses, Wiki). The ability to load in the entire scan of London – some…

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Air Pollution in the City Visualisation: Nitrogen Dioxide, London

Air Pollution Visualisation: Nitrogen Dioxide, London from digitalurban on Vimeo. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2): NO2 is produced in high temperature combustion processes and chemical reactions in the atmosphere. Road transport is responsible for 60 per cent of emissions of NOx (the pollutant that causes NO2) in London. It can affect the…

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Simulated Freedom: Movie

Rammy Elsaadany, a Graduate Diploma student in Architecture at the Bartlett, University College London has integrated parts of our Virtual London model into his final project movie. Using a mix of 3D max and After Effects, Illustrator and various other software packages he has produced the following visualisation entitled ‘Simulated…

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Crysis Mod SDK Released and London Update Movie

We have been holding off on writing the tutorial on how to import objects into Crysis as a new release of the development kit was due and with it various changes that would of made our current method obsolete. Crytek have just released an official update and we are currently…

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