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SLACTIONS 2012 Machinima – International Festival

This year, and for the first time, the SLACTIONS Steering Committee has included a day devoted to Machinima in the conference program. The SLACTIONS 2012 Machinima Festival is a Machinima competition included on the SLACTIONS 2012 Research conference on virtual worlds. Conference calls are to be honest normally slightly dull, this…

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Archi-Me – Launches to Transform 3D CAD Models (?)

To be honest we are always a little skeptical of press releases and tend not to post direct quotes as they often simply over-hype a product. As such it is with interest that we find the following: **** MOOFU, a fast-growing UK company focusing on emerging technology, emerging markets and…

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Sketchlife: SketchUp to Second Life

We have never quite understood why Second Life is such a closed shop when it comes down to importing models – compared to systems such as Sketch Worlds, which we covered earlier this week, it has been a positively painful process to get any model in the environment. However, Sketchlife…

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Simurban and Mycosm: New Virtual World and Urban Viz Systems

We have just come across ‘SIMMERSION‘ a company with two interesting products in development. The first is Simurban, 3D visualisation3D simulation software aimed at creating, viewing and allowing the user to interact with accurate and realistic models of any built environment. The movie below details Simurban running in realtime: Of…

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Virtual Philadelphia

In the movie below CBS3 reports on Virtual Philadelphia, the first 3D virtual city to offer high resolution at street level. A specialised vehicle was used to capture fine details, such as store fronts and street signs. Users can freely walk down (or fly through) an exact replica of every…

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State of the Metaverse 2008

Gary Hayes of has produced an insightful short film entitled The ‘Social Virtual’ World’s A Stage. The film takes a look at over 50 virtual world systems that currently make up the Metaverse as we know it. Its interesting to note that amongst the first person style words no…

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30 Days in ActiveWorlds: The Story

30 Days in ActiveWorlds was a project aimed at documenting the development of a virtual environment from the beginning to end, the point where a plot of virgin land would develop into a community with a urban layout. In a sense the project was similar to an early days ‘Big…

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