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2008 The Year of Virtual Worlds (?)

Second Life broke into the main stream during 2007 and perhaps more than any virtual world to date illustrated how digital environments can be used for visualisation and communication in the sciences. Second Life’s take up by NATURE and numerous Universities illustrates how established institutions are testing the water and…

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Collaborative Virtual Architecture – Wikitecture

Wikitecture is a concept very much of the moment, after many years the technology is finally in place for Ryan Schultz and Jon Brouchoud to pose the question: Can mass collaboration and collective intelligence improve the quality of architecture and urban planning? Ryan and Jon are both architects exploring the…

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To Teleport or Not to Teleport: Travelling in Virtual Worlds

Methods of travel within virtual worlds differ according to distance and the rules imposed by the system. The most common method to move large distances is the teleport – allowing new locations to be reached according to a Cartesian co-ordinate system. Teleports are common place within environments such as Second…

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Second Life – The Metaverse Gets Noticed

Second Life is beginning to enter the main stream. First the BBC’s Radio One set up home in the Virtual World and now Duran Duran are set to perform ‘live’. We are posting this as a reader requested a high resolution copy of the movie that accompanies our original Second…

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‘There’ – The ‘There’ Metaverse

Following our First Steps in Second Life post we have created a similar movie documenting our entry into the Virtual World system known as ‘There‘ In the same way as Second Life, ‘There’ now has free registration so you can log into the environment without having to type in your…

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City Life – First Steps in the Render Engine

The interesting part of the game City Life is its rendering engine and the ability to import your own buildings direct from 3D Max. We had to mention that first as loading a game up during office hours has been greeted with calls of ‘he gets paid to play games’…

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