Processing – Building Structures with Cellular Automata

As part of the MRes of Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualisation in CASA, the course has been exploring various techniques relevant to urban modelling and visualisations, such as Cellular Automata  and (CA), Agents Based Modelling. These approaches can be abstract visualizations and in these terms, Flora from has been…

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Unity: Nordhavnen City Visualisation

We have been using Unity a lot ourselves recently as it provides a rapid way to visualise architecture and cityscapes. The movie above is running in Unity, detailed a real-time demo of Nordhavnen a city area located in Copenhagen, Denmark. We especially like the change in scale halfway through the…

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The Urban Engine

Canberra Interactive 3D model project summary from Urban Circus on Vimeo. The video above demonstrates the Urban Engine developed by Urban Circus in use for Canberra, Australia. This represents one the best uses of real-time 3D for urban planning we have seen for a long time. It is refreshing to…

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