Web 2.0

AGI and Web 2.0

The last two days have been spent at the AGI Conference in Stratford Upon Avon. Its been a Neogeography and Web 2.0 dominated conference with a number of talks that while interesting have been worrying for their basic level of explanation – do people in the GIS industry really need…

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Trends and Technologies in Where 2.0: Webcast

This coming Tuesday (23rd September). O’Reilly is hosting a live webcast with Andy Turner on the evolution of Web 2.0, if you can make it, it should be well worth it. Full details below: Description: In this live webcast, geospatial web expert Andrew Turner will discuss the current evolution of…

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Second Life Presentation/Booklets/Conference

Things are shaping up for tomorrows conference on Digital Geography and Web 2.0 at the Barbican, Cinema 2, London. Our talk is not Powerpoint based but instead mainly running via IMovie with overlays timed to get across our points. For those coming, look away now, but for those unable to…

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Web 2.0 Logos

There is something about Web 2.0 logos that we like, their differ considerably from the more traditional corporate logo’s of the high street or corporate world. Those nice people at SimpleSpark have made a video detailing 5000 Web 2.0 logos in 5 minutes. Of note is how many we recognise…

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Information R/evolution

Michael Wesch, Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Kansas State University has created a interesting video exploring the changes in the way we find, store, create, critique, and share information. The video was created as a conversation starter, and Michael notes, works especially well when brainstorming with people about the…

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Web 2.0 – Whats it all about?

Two posts on Web 2.0 in as many hours – we are on writing the book introduction and thus trawling around for information. Oscar Retterer, Director of Instructional & Emerging Technologies at Franklin & Marshall College has uploaded to YouTube his thoughts on what Web 2.0 is all about: Web…

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Web 2.0 in Five Minutes

Web 2.0, Neogeogrpahy, Crowd Sourcing etc takes up a lot of our thinking at the moment while preparing the forthcoming Digital Urban book. The movie embedded below is well worth a look, despite being 11 months old in these fast moving times it makes some good points in a simple…

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Geo Location of The Top 25 Web 2.0 Companies

Nineteen out of the top 25 web 2.0 companies are currently located in San Francisco. Our map of the top 25 highlights this staggering concentration of companies that between them are shaping the social, image, search and indexing services of the web. Only one company outside of the top 10…

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The Top 5 Technology Buzz Words

Having recently come back from a conference on e-social science and been busy preparing a new paper it came to note the increasing number of ‘buzz’ words that have recently emerged. Some of them we fully embrace and some are just words that people pop into conversation to make it…

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