Web 2.0

Wikimapia – Web 2.0

With the slew of new and emerging Web 2.0 services come new and innovative names that begin to slip into general consciousness. A few weeks ago we started hearing the term Wikitecture of which more on that soon and now its WikiMapia. While WikiMapia has been around for a while…

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60 Collaborative Tools – Essential Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 collaborative tools and social networks are changing the way we interact with each other both professionally and socially. In terms of digital urban environments it also changes the way in which we can interact with local neighbourhoods and ‘real world’ communities. Mashable has put together a list of…

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Test – Dont Order :)

We are pleased to announce the availability of our booklet: Digital Geography – Geographic Visualisation for Urban Environments. Printed in full colour the 10 x 8 inch booklet runs to 64 pages of insights and tutorials on Virtual Earth, Google Earth, Google Maps, Panoramas and Second Life. With a focus…

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