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Globe 4D – Make Your Own Real Google Earth (?)

By July 23, 2006 No Comments

Globe 4D is a unique research project from Leiden University in the Netherlands. Essentially it consists of a data projector mounted above a plastic sphere which is in turn linked to a track ball and a mouse. With the sphere linked to the track ball Globe4D is able to display dynamic images which can be viewed from all angles. Combining this with a turntable, linked to a mouse, it is also possible to display geographical data over time. The movie below gives an insight into its construction and use:

What is interesting about the project is how simple yet effective it is. Of note is the lack of zoom facility, but if you could get Google Earth to change its projection (so it can be beamed onto a sphere), then you could easily make of these at home. The concept of zooming becomes problematic of course but one that could be worked around….


Andy is Professor of Digital Urban Systems at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London.