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Oblivion – SketchUp/3D Max Import Examples

By May 21, 2007 One Comment

We are currently working on what has turned out to be our most requested tutorial to date – how to import SketchUp and 3D Studio Max models into the Oblivion Engine.

As an update for those new to these series of posts using the PC game Oblivion it is possible to easily import models from both 3D Studio Max and SketchUp. This opens up the ability to use the real-time lighting and weather effects within Oblivion for architectural visualisation.

The movies below provide an overview of our experimental imports to date, the tutorial will detail a step by step walkthrough of how to achieve the following:

University College London – SketchUp to Oblivion

London Eye – 3D Max to Oblivion

Fantasy City – 3D Max to Oblivion (Large Scene Sample)

The tutorial should be online Wednesday 23rd May, you can purchase Oblivion via our Amazon Store which includes the Elder Scrolls Construction Kit required for the tutorial.


Andy is Professor of Digital Urban Systems at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London.

One Comment

  • Anonymous says:

    Wat is the point of the videos, of imporeted objets in second life. The picture is dark, no details are to see! There could be a lot of misteakes or defects, that aren’t to see.

    So, how do i decide what program for 3D modeling should I use?