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Wikimapia – Web 2.0

By October 18, 2007 No Comments

With the slew of new and emerging Web 2.0 services come new and innovative names that begin to slip into general consciousness. A few weeks ago we started hearing the term Wikitecture of which more on that soon and now its WikiMapia.

While WikiMapia has been around for a while with over 4 million places layered onto Google Maps it is interesting in terms of the time required for Web 2.0 services to enter general conversation – at least in the social circles we mix in…

WikiMapia is a great concept and one that further enhances the use of Google Maps, it is also a prime example of the new Network Link feature just released by Google.

Read more about Network Links in Google Maps via Ogle Earth and see WikiMapia to start browsing or adding your own Wiki style info.


Andy is Professor of Digital Urban Systems at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London.