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Gamescape: Create a City while Playing a Game

By February 4, 2008 No Comments

Gamescape is an interesting concept – the players in game movements are translated into 3d floorplans. As gameplay progresses levels are added and over time structures develop which in turn build into cityscapes that can subsequently be downloaded and imported into Google Earth.

Is the sort of concept that does not translate well to text, the movie below provides a clearer insight:

The concept has been developed by ‘’- an art group which is looking to find new ways of communication by tapping into the subconscious streams of human minds and network data. and-or was been founded in 2001 by Rene Bauer and Beat Suter, based in Zurich, Switzerland.

For more info, Google Earth examples and to download the game see:


Andy is Professor of Digital Urban Systems at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London.