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Low Cost Site Survey: FlyCamOne2 + Remote Control Plane

By July 10, 2008 3 Comments

An aerial view of a site is often essential for 3d model construction, camera tracking footage or just for general survey purposes. Remote surveying is often expensive (see 25,000 Euro Microdrone) but with a little imagination you could achieve similar results with a couple of $99 FlyCamOne 2’s and a GPS attached to a remote control helicopter or plane.

The FlyCamOne records video at 640×480 resolution and stills at 1280×1024 – high enough to build a 3d model from. Aikonaazi’s video below provides an insight to the possibilities with a flight around Portland Bill lighthouse:

Chrisbofh has used the FlyCam in a test flight over over Chesil Beach on the 21st – still images are captured every 4 seconds:

See also Chris’s brushless easy star flying up to 1000ft over Weymouth:

If we weren’t Central London based we would be out now buying a remote control plane and a couple of FlyCamOne2’s, who said geography cant be fun…


Andy is Professor of Digital Urban Systems at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London.