Space/Time City Timelapse: Colapse Times

colapse times from on Vimeo.

The movie above entitled ‘Colapse Times’ features night light timelapse sessions by (Photographer) combined with diting & morph effect by motion. The movie is mixed with track ”Third Knife’ from The Youngsters – Ministry of Sound record: “The Underground 2008”.

We like the way time and space are morphed throughout this clip using After Effects, clever stuff…

Author Bio

Andy is Professor of Digital Urban Systems at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London.

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  1. Andy Turner - January 23, 2009

    Part of the BBC news at 10pm last night had a sort of split screen with the reporter on the left in real time and a streetview on the right in fast motion. It seemed a bit odd on the news and I’m not really sure it illustrated the point being made, but anyway…

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