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Sketchlife: SketchUp to Second Life

By July 30, 2009 No Comments

We have never quite understood why Second Life is such a closed shop when it comes down to importing models – compared to systems such as Sketch Worlds, which we covered earlier this week, it has been a positively painful process to get any model in the environment. However, Sketchlife is a step in a right direction, allowing models to be built in SketchUp and import to Second Life.

The video below details a simple model of the words “Hello World” being built and uploaded using Sketchlife tools. It demonstrates the process: press “Export”, copy and paste the model key, drop the textures into the box, and, finally, copy and paste the build key. The process is the same for all models:

Written by Evgeni Sergeev the plugin for SketchUp is available for free, take a look at for details and download.


Andy is Professor of Digital Urban Systems at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London.